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At Vision Media, we want to ensure that your visit to our website is smooth, reliable, and as useful to you as possible. Subject to your consent where required by applicable law, we use cookies and similar technologies to help us improve the use and functionality of the website and to better understand how visitors use a website and the tools and services offered on it.

A cookie is a small file of unique letters and numbers that we store on your browser on your computer that web servers pass to your web browser to store on your device to remember information about you as you view websites (like login information and language and security preferences). There are two primary types of cookies that our websites uses: functional cookies and analytic cookies. Many of the cookies we use are called “session cookies” and are automatically deleted after your visit. Others remain in your browser or device until you delete them. On some of our websites, we also use IP addresses to analyze information about the devices that are connecting to our systems to improve usability and to detect possible fraud. Third-party cookies are from a domain different than the domain of the website you are visiting (like Google) and are usually anonymous, typically for analytics.

What are the different types of cookies we use?

General Information 

Source (Where cookies come from)
First Party Cookies These cookies are provided by us and used by various features on our website. Examples may include customizing a visitor’s visit, providing statistical information, and verifying a visitor’s identity for security purposes.
Third-Party Cookies These cookies are provided by “Third Party” vendors who provide products and features we have integrated into our Website. Examples include [social media sites and security systems].
Type (What application uses the cookie)
We may use essential cookies in order to enable you to receive the services that you request via our website. Without these cookies, services that you have asked for cannot be provided. For example, these cookies may be used on our website to:

· Allow you to access secure areas of our website without having to continually log in to the service; and

· Remember previous actions you have taken (such as completing an online form) when navigating back to a page in the same browser session.

Performance cookies We may use performance cookies that collect information about how our website is used and to flag to us if an error occurs. These cookies may be used to collect technical information such as the last visited website, the number of pages visited, which parts of our website are clicked on and the length of time between clicks. This information may be associated with details such as your IP address, domain, or browser information, however, it is analyzed only in aggregate with information from other users and not in a way that would directly identify you. For example, these cookies may be used on our websites to:

· Analyse and improve the performance of our website;

· Manage the performance and design of our website;

· Measure errors presented on our website to improve our service and management complaints; and

· Test variations of design to ensure the website appears consistently on our website.

Functional cookies We may use functional cookies that are not essential but enable various helpful features on our website. For example, these cookies may be used on our website to:

· Remember the preferences that you selected on a previous visit to the website, such as country/language;

· Remember answers to questions our websites have asked you, such as not wishing to take part in a customer satisfaction questionnaire, so that you are not asked again; and

· Provide information to allow an optional service to function such as watching an online video.

Here are some examples of the cookies that we use:

Cookie Type Name Purpose Who Provides the Cookie?
Performance cookies Screener device Stores the Device ID assigned to the current device, used for tracking devices and logins Vision Media Management
Functional cookies Single sign-on user  Stores whether the client is a single sign-on user or not, if true and single sign-on is enabled, the user will be redirected to Vision login page Vision Media Management
Functional cookies Single sign-on redirect Stores the URL the user will be redirected to after login Vision Media Management
Functional cookies Drupal.visitor.is_mobile – 1/0, mobile screen or not To track the state of the user browser and whether to use mobile or desktop browser appearance and company, LLC
Functional cookies SESS {indetifier}, total 36 characters – session cookie Used for storing language preferences and company, LLC
Functional cookies X-Mapping-SOMERANDOMDATA Sent by the server to keep the user’s browser sessions intact as we load balance and use a clustered array of servers. If a user reloads a page they could be served the content from another server entirely but this cookie tracks the user to the same server. and company, LLC
Functional cookies has_js Indicates whether javascript is enabled; if javascript is enabled then we provide better user experience with additional animations and so on. and company, LLC
Functional cookies Google Analytics

_ga, _gid

Used to distinguish users Google
Functional cookies Youtube ysc  Used to deliver advertisements more relevant to you and your interests. Are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Youtube
Functional cookies Facebook fr Encrypted Facebook ID and Browser ID Facebook

We use Google Analytics to gather information about our site visits and mobile app usage to analyze how users use our services. To learn more about Google Analytics, including opting out of Google Analytics metrics and reporting, click here.

You can determine how cookies are used directly on the sites you have access to use through your browser settings to manage and opt-out of many cookies. If you reject cookies, you may affect the ability to access pages and use some features of our sites properly. For more information on how to do that, click here or visit the privacy and help documentation of your specific browser’s website.

  • Chrome Users  Settings > Content Settings > Privacy > Cookies
  • Safari Users  Edit > Preferences > Privacy menu
  • Internet Explorer  Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab
  • Mozilla Firefox  Tools > Options > Privacy menu

Please also see our Privacy Policy for further details about how we collect and use your personal data. From time to time we may make changes to this policy. We will post a notice of the changes together with the updated policy on the website.

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